MOTORFLUG BADEN-BADEN: Extensive Service Facility for helicopters and fixed wing aircrafts

Established in 1955 by Günther Graf von Hardenberg, MOTORFLUG BADEN-BADEN GmbH is amongst the oldest aviation companies.

At the beginning the emphasis was mainly put on Pilot Training and later adding the maintenance of helicopters. In the sixties MOTORFLUG BADEN-BADEN signed a maintenance contract with the German military for the maintenance of dynamic and hydraulic components of UH-1D helicopters. This contract is still in place, yet is diminishing due to the increasing withdrawal from service of the UH-1D.

Over the years MOTORFLUG BADEN-BADEN GmbH has expanded step by step, increasing its capability, fixed wing aircraft maintenance and avionic installations have been added. Regarding the avionic scope, MOTORFLUG BADEN-BADEN GmbH has addressed the recent growing demand by integrating the former company ‘Aerotechnic’, ensuring extensive in-house avionic capabilities, starting with the design and engineering of customer oriented avionic modifications through to the realization in the hangar. MOTORFLUG BADEN-BADEN GmbH holds its own supplemental type certificates (STCs).

In 2005 the company established its subsidiary SPAERO TRADE GmbH, specializing in international spare parts trading.

In 2008 MOTORFLUG BADEN-BADEN GmbH became a subsidiary of Eurocopter Deutschland GmbH.  As an authorized customer service facility of international manufacturers, the medium sized company is able to offer a large scope of services to its customers, therefore ensuring secure jobs and interesting areas of work, at the service of our customers.

And now enjoy some impressions of MOTORFLUG BADEN-BADEN GmbH today. The following 360° panorama photos offer you some fascinating snap-shots and insights into our facility.

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Panorama Photos: Michael Göricke