Overhaul and maintenance of different components

An important core business of MOTORFLUG BADEN-BADEN GmbH is the maintenance and overhaul of many different types of dynamic, hydraulic, mechanical and electrical components.

The services for dynamic components, such as gearboxes, swashplates, rotorheads or drive-shafts are handled by our specialists in Baden-Baden Oos. This is also where our team of hydraulic specialists performs overhauls and repairs of hydraulic components with the utmost precision. All electrical assemblies, such as starter generators are performed by the specialists of our electrical department.

We work with original spare parts only. Decades of experience, teamwork, knowledge transfer and the close cooperation with the manufacturers of aircrafts and components guarantee quality work and offer our customers greater safety.

Dynamic balancing, non-destructive testing, crack-testing and chemical free dry-stripping are only some examples of our quality range of services.

Our mechanical workshop enables us to perform extensive mechanical work on all components in-house:
unscrewing or sanding of washers and bushes or plates just as well as the erosion of broken bolts.